In november 2016 this awesome book came out and I would like to recommend it to all of you. For the first tome I found my dream of a family concept illustrated in a book and I was super happy about it. Thanks a lot, you rally made an awesome job!

The book shows beautiful illustrations and it also allows us to have a look into the diversity of families. It manages to address different people and supports and empowers all of us who are not in a heterosexual two person relationship. I can imagine that the book is suitable for kids and also for all of us, who are trying not to be them anymore. It can inspire and excite in different ways and I can wanly recommend it to everyone.

By the way, I already fell in love with it on the first pages, see yourself:

“Family is a stretchable term. This book was crafted with rubberbands. Rubberbands exist individually or together, in different sizes. They accompany our everyday life. Sometimes they move to the foreground, they endure a lot and sometimes they break. Rubberbands are dynamic, flexible, reusable as well as binding. Just the right material to create a family book!”