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Polyamory und Outing – why is that important?

Almost 13 years ago, when I started to explore my own sexuality and thus part of my identity, I outed myself for the first time in my life in front of friends as a queer (better then still as a lesbian). Outing yourself to people who have known you for a long time and assume that you live an unspoken heterosexuality can be difficult under certain circumstances. Continue reading

Opening relationships – where do I start?

I know, I know, not all people come to the point where they have to “open up” something. Many have non-monogamous relationships for ages and have never had to open anything. Others may come into existing relationships or call themselves solo or single poly. Continue reading

Agreements revisited. Which ones worked well and what would I do differently?

For some time now I have been asked again and again which arrangements have worked well for me and which have not. What would I do differently? What didn’t I like so much? I want to chat a little from the sewing box and share some experiences of myself and of other people who approached me. Continue reading

A short commentary on the question of time and time management in polyrelations.

For some time now I’ve been stumbling across phrases like “You can only live a polyamorous life if you’re either rich or very unhappy in your existing relationships” or “I don’t even have time for one relationship, how’s there supposed to be more?”…To be honest, I keep asking myself why people don’t just ask poly people how they can do it with time management. Instead, a mistake is first assumed or the other extreme: supernatural abilities or a huge amount of money. Continue reading


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