Jealousy is a mystery. We don’t often talk about it, let alone try to see what lies behind it. Many advice books characterize jealousy as a negative and evil “emotion”. As a result, most people feel bad and that they are failing if they are jealous.

Not in this workshop.

By deciphering jealousy, we can identify and approach our fears and anxieties. Instead of feeling angry that we experience jealousy, we can accept it as a part of ourselves and treat it accordingly. Let’s take jealousy down from its daunting throne!

We will look at the positive aspects of jealousy, as well as addressing the parts that we want to find ways of dealing with. Through different methods, including individual and group work, you will have the opportunity to get to know different aspects of your jealousy, exchange with others (as much as you want and feel good about) and, by learning what lies behind jealousy, develop tools for managing it.

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